Clean up & Hauling services in Modesto, CA

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Wilfredo's Garage Door Service also specializes in hauling and clean-up services. Whether you need residential, commercial, rental property or construction site clean-up projects. Call us today at 209 492-0111. Serving Modesto and surrounding areas for over 14 years.

All Residential doors come with the following warranty:
-3yr hardware factory warranty
-10yr panel factory warranty
-1yr labor warranty

The warranty begins when repairs or any installation are complete. This warranty cannot be transferred. For repairs to an existing garage door, the warranty continues for as long as the original customer owns the repaired garage door. For a new garage door installation and a complete overhaul repair, the labor warranty is for one (1) year from the date of installation or repair. The warranty terminates if the original customer sells or no longer owns the repaired or new garage door.
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Rental Properties
  • Construction Sites



Starting at $500- Complete Home Clean Up, inside and out.

Rental Properties


$500 - Complete - Call for Details
Call Wilfredo's Garage Door Service in Modesto, CA today at 209-492-0111.